NEW! Overflow

 I was dating a guy for several years. He lived with another guy who had gone to my high school. This roommate was older than me and was part of the popular crowd back in high school. Even though the years had gone by i still thought of him as "cool". One night my boyfriend and i went back to the house and found "cool" roommate and all his old "cool" high school buddies at the house watching football. I got bad gas from something i had eaten. Only bathroom in bachelor pad. I had to go. I had major diarrhea. I went to flush hoping none of them would have to go soon after me for fear they would smell it. The toilet overflowed BIG TIME. Work was being done in the bathroom and there was a hole in the floor so you could see directly into basement. Over flow leaked down the hole so it was not only all over the bathroom it was now in basement. I wanted to die. I had to walk out and get boyfriend to deal with it as I could barely move i was so horrified.

NEW! Runny nose?

My bf had snuck in my window an we were fooling around an i began to suck him we both were naked under the cover an he began to cum in my mouth then i stopped an some landed on my face.
next thing i hear it the door open to my room an my mom coming in i jump an fell off the bed an my mom ran to help i was completely naked. my mom asked if i was alright i said yeah you just scared me an i fell out of the bed. my bf was still under the blankets not moving. my mom asked why i was naked. i said i like sleeping named. then she handed me a tissue an said it looks like you have a runny nose you better get back to bed so you do get a cold and she left. she never knew it was my mans juice, or that he was in my bed!

NEW! Meet the Parents

 Ok, it was a casual friday night and my new boyfriend called me up and asked if we wanted to hang out..I was bored out my mind, so I jumped at the offer!

As i arrived at his, i was hoping we would be alone. I couldnt hear any trace of noise, so I guessed we were. He invited me in, gave me a kiss and then a sexy look which made me turned on and thinking that he was heading to something...He grabbed my hand and brought me downstairs covering my eyes and saying "i have a surprise for you, why dont you make yourself comfortable".

So i ofcourse had a feeling what he meant. He then left the room to give me time and said he would be only five minutes.I began to take off my clothes knowing that i thought he wanted me to strip naked for him.Five minutes he called me to come out into the room next door to his room. I walked out all proud of my self and walked into the living room butt naked and saw three shocked faces looking upon my body. He didnt tell me the surprise was he wanted me to meet his parents!

What a horrible experience! From that day forward i kept my clothes on at all times unless I was ABSOLUTELY SURE we were alone!

NEW! Creamy

 Well, I was 18 at the time and my lover, (name deleted), also 18 were at a party with some mates at a park. My bf and I started 2 get bored of the music and yobs yelling so we went 2 find a private place...
We were behind some bushes on the top of a bank just behind a couple of 17 yr olds sat snogging.
Any way, we were at it 4 ages and it was G R E A T!!!! I must have forgotten how much my man came so when he did it dribbled uncontrollably under the bushes and down the bank...

"AAAARRRRRHHHHHHGGGGG!!!!!" came a shriek from the 17 yr old girl. "MY NEW LEATHER SKIRT! URGH! WHAT IS THIS STUFF?"

Me and my mans red faces were peeking over the bushes. "EWWWW! WAS THAT HIS...?' We left very quickly after that!!

NEW! Squishy seat

 One day in 6th grade our class went on a field trip to the local pool. I was playing with my friends in the pool when my stomach started rumbling and I realized I had to diarrhea.
I got out of the pool to go to the public bathrooms only to find a long line. It was time to go so I decided I would hold it in.
I changed back into my normal clothes with the rest of my class and got on the bus, sitting next to a girl I had a crush on. About 20 minutes into the ride the sensation returned. I couldn't hold it.
The diarrhea burst out with so much force it went straight through my boxers and pants. It splattered the bus seat and everyone heard it.
My crush moved away from me and to make matters worse I peed my pants. Everyone was laughing and I had to ride the rest of the way with people still laughing.
My crush never talks to me anymore and people still make fun of me.

NEW! Panties!

I used to attend a school that was very strict in enforcing its dress codes. However, that never bothered me, because I always dressed very conservatively anyway. But there was a clique of girls who were always trying to bend or break the rules. One time, I learning that these girls had stopped wearing panties (major offense!), so I reported them to one of my teachers, and all those girls got in big trouble. Unfortunately, my teacher was so freaking stupid, she actually told them, "Jenny says that you've been breaking the dress code." So they all knew that I was the one who had snitched on them! Even the weakest one of those girls was strong enough to kick my ass, so I desperately tried to avoid them every day. A few days later, though, they found me when I was walking home from school. They surrounded me, and they looked angry enough to tear me to pieces, so I began begging them not to hurt me. But a couple of them shoved me down to the ground, and while I was on my back, they pulled off my skirt and panties. Then, they lifted me into a sitting position, and tore off my blouse and bra, so I was left wearing NOTHING except my shoes! I got back up onto my feet, and I tried to use my arms to cover my chest and crotch, but one of the girls snarled at me, "We didn't say that you could cover your stuff. Keep your arms at your sides, you dumb little bitch." I was literally shaking with fear, and I willing to do anything just to make sure that they didn't hurt me, so I did what she said, and I left myself total exposed. They thought that was hilarious, and they all began laughing at me, insulting me, and tormenting me any way they could. They made fun of my small breasts, they laughed like crazy over the fact that my panties had little cartoon animals printed on them, and every once in a while one of them would give me a stinging slap on my butt. One of the girls dangled my panties in front of my face, and asked, "Would you like to put these on?" I said, "Yes, please!" She smiled, and then she pulled the panties over my head as if they were a hat! "See?" she said, "You got us in big trouble for not wearing these. But now you ARE wearing panties, and it sure as hell isn't doing you any good!" They were practically rolling on the ground with laughter. My feelings of helplessness and humiliation were so intense, I actually began to cry.

I wish that I could say that my ordeal ended right there, but it didn't! By now, the girls were running out of ideas on how to torment me, so one of them asked, "What should we do with her?" And another one said, "I know! Let's take her someplace where there are a LOT of boys!" I begged, "No! Please don't do that!" But the fact that the idea made me so upset convinced them that it was the right thing to do. There were always a lot of boys who played basketball in a nearby park after school, so the girls took me over there. Sure enough, the place was PACKED with guys from my school. The girls made me march out into the middle of the park, wearing nothing but the shoes on my feet, and the cartoon-printed panties...on my HEAD! My breasts, crotch, and butt were TOTALLY exposed. The boys couldn't believe what they were seeing. They all gathered around me, ogling my body, and laughing like crazy. As if that weren't bad enough, the girls even ordered me to turn around a few times, just to make sure that every boy there got a chance to see EVERYTHING.

Geez, I have to end this story here, because I don't even want to think about this anymore.

Hey man, nice shot 

Last year my basketball team made it to the state tournament. I was shooting the winning free throw, and there was complete silence in the gym while I got ready to shoot. Then, all of a sudden, I hear this big fart—and it was me! I looked around, and everyone was covering their noses and laughing. My face was so red! I ended up making the shot, though, and our team won the state championship!

 Its not sunday

I was on my way to class when I dropped my lunch box. As I picked it up, I heard a little ripping sound, but it didn't sound that bad, so I kept going. But then, a few hours later, I was standing in front of my class, and I bend over to pick up the chalk. This time, there was a huge r-i-i-i-p! My pants split all the way open, and everyone burst out laughing. So much of my underwear was exposed that they could read "Sunday" in bright letters across my rear end! "It's not Sunday!" one boy shouted. "It's Thursday!" I was totally mortified!

News reporter Gag

I was waiting for the bus one Saturday, wearing my new black beret because it had just snowed. Right as the bus came, I felt something hit my head, but I figured it was just snow from the tree. I went through my whole day- and then met up with my friend. She told me I had a huge splatter of white bird droppings all over my hat 

Feeling for spamela

 My friend got breast implants three weeks ago, and we decided to catch up about it. I picked her up, and while at a light she asked me to check out her boobs. I reached over to feel one, while at that moment a truck full of boys pulled up to us and yelled, ‘lesbian action!’ When the light turned green, I peeled out of there!”


I went to my boyfriend’s house after school one day, and I needed to go number two really badly! When I got to the bathroom I looked at my panties and saw a huge poop stain. I panicked and threw them out the window. Later when my boyfriend walked me home he saw them and said, ‘there are some nasty people in the world!!


It was the first day of spring, and I wanted to show my spirit by wearing my new sarong. I was walking down the hall when this guy accidentally stepped on my sarong, pulling it down to reveal my flesh-colored thong! The guy didn’t realize it was caught in his sneaker and I had to run after him half-naked to get my sarong back!

Im with baby --->

One night while I was working behind the counter of the smoothie shop, a round bellied woman walked in. The drink she asked for contained an ingredient that was bad for pregnant women, so I warned her about the potential danger. She paused, gave me an annoyed look and told me that she was not with child!”

That flash... was not from a camera 

Last Halloween, my friends and I were dared to moon the next car that drove by. As the next car approached we dropped our pants. The car slammed on its brakes and started to reverse! We ran into the house, and heard our doorbell ring- it was the principal. After a long talk with my mom we had enough embarrassment for the year.

Bathroom tipping

I was at a concert with my friends, and I had to go to the bathroom. I went into a portable toilet. There was a group of guys nearby play fighting, and suddenly one of them threw another against the out-house stall that I was in. The portable toilet just tumbled over- with me inside! It was a disgusting experience.


My teacher’s assistant for the English tutorial I was taking was over 10 minutes late and still hadn’t shown up, so I stood up and went on and on about how unprofessional it was for him to be late. When I finished, the guy sitting in the front of me stood up and introduced himself as our TA for the semester

 How kind -.-

I went to my junior prom with a very chivalrous senior, who pulled out and pushing in my chair for me when I sat down for dinner. What I didn’t know was that the bottom of my long dress had gotten caught under the legs of my chair. Later, when I excused myself to go to the bathroom, I stood up but my dress stayed down! Ugh!


 My crush Ryan was a lifeguard at the pool, so I wore my bright-pink bikini there. I wanted to show off my diving skills but when I dove in my top came off! I stayed underwater trying to tie it on, and Ryan though I was drowning! He dove in and pulled me, topless, up to the side of the pool! I just grabbed my top and ran!

Neck Lace

 I was in the middle of changing after gym class when a friend called me over for a quick chat. I threw on a sweatshirt and went over to speak with her- and forgot that my bra was around my neck! It wasn’t until the next period that I noticed the bra. The rest of the day everyone was asking where my ‘sporty necklace’ was.


 While camping with my closest friends in my backyard, one of my melodramatic friends got freaked out and started talking about spirits from beyond. My pals and I got scared and scurried into the house. We went to wake my mom and found her sprawled on the bed, naked! My friends still haven’t let me live it down.


I was baby-sitting my five year old cousin when I got my period- it was only my third time. I didn’t change my ‘equipment’ before I napped. I leaked, and my cousin got up (before me), saw blood and called 911! Paramedics burst in, while my cousin kept yelling, ‘You’re bleeding!’ I had to explain that I had period leakage

You seem to have bad luck...?

This is NOWHERE near my most embarrassing moment, its more like the most embarrassing moment for my friends boyfriend AND me.
We were at the beach, pretty far out, her boyfriend was surfing and we were just floating around on a massive board her dad had made.
And a massive wave came at us all and knocked her BF of his surfboard and us off the board. And while I was under the water my bikini bottoms came off and my friend BF did a face plant on my bare butt!!!
OMG!! I tried to talk to him saying "uh, what a coincidence!, me, you . . . my butt!" and I paused "did I just say that?"
every thing between the 3 of us was just quiet for at least 1 hour.
We had 70's night at my school, and I wa sin year 7 and so I didn;t know whatw as going on and what we were going to have to do and so, I grabbed my arm and said "what the hell is going on I feel like an idiot" she was holding a microphone and so everyone heard it.
I felt like an idiot.

I was with my friend and her BF (yes the same BF that face planted into my butt) and we were at the movies, my crush came in and we went to sit up the top.
As my crush sat down, my friends BF said to me "hey Jen stop" I turned out I was in such a dreamland of love (lol) was leaning over the next rail of seats.
I sat up and (oh, i forgot to say that infront of us was a long wide rail down to the front of the room) and so when we got up, (the movie wasn't over, we just hated it) I tipped over my friends foot and landed on the wide rail and when my friend and her BF tried ot help me they accidently let go and I went sliding down the rail!
I was screaming, really loud, saying things like "OMG help me!! aug!!"
I hit the bottom and fell off the side and I got up to see everyone laughing their butts off.

OMG and there are SO many more embarrassing moments of mine but it would take a book to list them all.
wow.... thats alot?

price check, embarrassing moment lane 13

 "A lady picked up several items at a discount store. When she finally got up to the checker, she learned that one of her items had no price tag. Imagine her embarrassment when the checker got on the intercom and boomed out for the entire store to hear, ‘PRICE CHECK ON LANE THIRTEEN, TAMPAX, SUPER SIZE." That was bad enough, but somebody at the rear of the store apparently misunderstood the word 'Tampax' for ‘THUMBTACKS.’ In a businesslike tone, a voice boomed back over the intercom: ‘DO YOU WANT THE KIND YOU PUSH IN WITH YOUR THUMB OR THE KIND YOU POUND IN WITH A HAMMER?’


Can you point me to the personal care isle?

I was in a store and there was a magic act going on. The magician called me up to the stand. Well i just got my period and didn't have any tampons or pads. So I had to use toliet paper. When I was going up to  the stand, the toliet paper fell out! My face turnedcompletely red, while I was playing off like it wasn't mine. Just then, I looked out and the crowd was full of guys! Im never going to live that down.

 Luan, 15


Laugh until you cry... and piss yourself

I was at the movies with my boy friend. i really had to pee but i figured i could hold it so i didnt leave. then a really funny part in the movie came along and i laughed my butt off. i didnt realize it but i ended up peeing my pants. i looked down and noticed that it rolled down my chair onto his foot. he had a gross look on his face and just got up and left. i had tio call my mom to come get me! Kelsey, 14



i have been singing for 5 years. I had a competition today and i couldnt go toilet i got to the competition and i saw the crowd and choked up, i tried to push out the song so hard that i let off the biggest fart you could imagine. There was a band behind me and there was a microphone there to make the drums louder and the fart went in there and everyone herd it, and laughed. Then to make it worse the drummer got up and moved because he said it stank so bad.

 Lisa, 15


Did you have clam chowder for lunch?

 To explain this, the classroom is separate from the school and you have to go outside to get inside to the main building.
I was in 8th grade, and I was madly in love with this teacher. Suddenly, in the middle of a lesson, this teacher announces that he's having a baby. Then i started feeling really sick, but i didn't want to say, so I just held it.
Halfway through the lesson, he calls me over and starts asking me if I'm feeling alright. I'm just about to throw up, literally, so i ran outside and to my surprise, i made it outside. I puked all over a tree. I just kept being sick, over and over. Unbeknown to me, the teacher had to go outside to check on these plants, and seeing me being sick, he came over to see if i was alright.
When I was finished, he started talking to me. I was feeling sick again, so i span around, but not fast enough. I splattered him with my vomit. When I saw what had happened, I promptly fainted. When i woke up, he was saying my name, still covered in puke. Nice.



my phone sucks

I was texting my boyfriend and he was at work about to do a presentation, i thought it would be sexy to send him a pic of me ...well, not wearing any articles of clothing. I sent the picture smiling and giggling to see what his response would be. It took a while for him to finish his presentation i guess. When he was FINALLY done he texted me back saying "my presentation was on my phone and when i hooked it up to the big tv to begin presentating that picture popped up" ALL OF HIS COLLEGUES SAW MY NUDE PIC! i was mortified! i'll never send him picture messages again.

Amy, 22


lemon  aid???

Today i was helping my little brother open his first little lemonaid stand.. i actually had other plans so i was pissed already. Anyway, alot of people surprisingly were stopiing by for a drink and i was making the lemonaid for my brother when i was squeesing the lemons a huge ass squirt of lemon juice right in my eye! i yelled "DAMNET!!!" and my brother yelled "you cuss! im tewing momy!!!!" it hurt like a bitch! and afterwards i get scolded for cussing when im 17!!!!

Alex, 17



Today i was watching tv in the kitchen while i was washing dishes, i was using the spray thing when it went crazy and sprayed all over the kitchen and into my face! i was laughing and grabbed the sham wow towel on the counter as i was wiping my face i relised it smelt particularly wierd... like rotten chicken noodle soup.. later i was on the couch when my mom was talking to my dad in the other room and all i heard was "..i know these kids are beginning to be a BIG handfull, plus timmy threw up on the floor today!" ...she used the shamwow to clean it up

sarah, 16


God Damnet

Today when i went to the bathroom my roommate was waiting for me in a mask and freddy cougar claws when i went inside he jumped out the bathtub and scared the shit out of me. Unfortunately hescared me too bad and i proceded to leap straight into the toilet headfirst.. i got a knocked out cold for 2 and a half hours



I went to a meeting for a beauty pagent And i forgot to sign off myspace so my i.m. thing was still "signed on"

and i was gone for mabey an hour or hour and a half and i came back home to get back on the computer and i saw that i got i.m.'s from two people one was from brandon a friend and another was from my boyfriend and i clicked on it to see the message it said "i love you" i thought awwwwwwwwwwwww until i saw his status which said "i hate myself" i then thought OH SHIT! because i didnt reply when he said "i love you" so he's probly sad now all because of me!!! so i called his house phone because he isnt online and nobody is home ughhhhh i hope he isnt too sad D: i told him i had to go to a meeting but still im really worried about him 

shawna, 14   



"Honey, im pissed!"

My wife decided to take a day off work and set the place up for me and her to have a "romantic" night alone. Well that morning i went off to work til about 7 p.m. and got some roses for her to surprise her when i got home, i arrived at the house and the lights were off.. kinda strange but i thought mabey shes just waiting for me in the dark or theres candlelight i just cant see from out here. I walk inside and looked around nobody was there. i turned to see a trail of rosepetals going upstairs into our bedroom i smiled and proceeded upstairs. I walked down the hallway and checked to see everything was in order before i walked in. I opened the door and the first thing i saw was a few bottles of beer on the floor.. i looked at the bed and saw my brother passed out ontop of my precious wife. Happy valentines day.

josh, 19


Soggy Bottom Boy

Today was my first time in chucky cheese.. it was also my first time that i sat in a chair filled with pee. I had to walk home with a wet butt and my friends were calling me a "soggy bottom boy" the whole way we walked home.

Mark, 16


Streaking for the Neighbors

 One night i made a bet with my husband..and lost.

He never told me until we got home what i had to do since i lost. We live on a dead end street so around midnight that night he told me i had to walk up the street completely naked and walk back. I tried to argue but he said all the neighbors are home so go ahead. Me not wanting to be a sore loser took off my clothes and started walking. I passed the first house and he says ok you can come back. As i turn around he yells "OH SHIT" i look up and coming right at me was a pair of headlights!!
i was standing right beside the road! As i run as fast as i can and throw myself on the ground, the stop dead in the middle of the road.

i look up and see my neighbor and his wife and two of their friends all staring back at me.
I was never so embarrassed in all my life!! It took me 3 weeks before i spoke to them again!


Honey, Im Home! 

This is an embarrassing moment for my husband.

He was lounging on the couch in the buff (while I was reading the most embarrassing moments) and the mail came.
He was joking around about going out to check the mail in the nude and even got up and went to the door.

To his surprise, when he opened the door, there was someone there! A woman and her little girl, who were dropping off a delivery of candles for Christmas.
He was so embarrassed, he slammed the door in her face and ran to the bedroom and hid under the blankets until after she was gone.

But when she came in she was laughing and yelled to him, "Hi honey I'm home!"



Having a Baby

I decided to get pretty smashed one night, while wife chewed me out real good.She p*ssed me off, so when I got up next morning, and I really had to fart, I got up and went to front of bed to get closest to her face. I thought.."take this!", dropped my shorts and let fart fly...
Well, it was wet and loaded! Shit all over her face and arms. Scared, I jumped over the bed and took a shower. I heard her hollering "watch out for the damn dog,he just shit all over everything!". I heard a yelp and she was swinging the dog by the tail and threw his poor ass outside.

I finally confessed a few weeks later.

Now im the one sleeping in the dog house :(




Mind Your P's and Q's

When i was a young harrassed mum living in a flat, a lovely lady moved in above me.

She was quite well to do and very posh spoken, so I used to try and mind my p's and q's when she popped in for a cuppa. One day she came in I made her a cup while i was making my daughters tea.

I had sausages under the grill and I said to her "if you will excuse me one moment I'm just going to see if the cockages are sooked"!

OMG i wished the ground would open up and swallow me her face was a picture but i was mortified!

Alice, 38


Shave Whip


I love eating whipcream, especially Cool whip. But not when you find out what you thought was cool whip in a bowl sitting on the counter you just took a big spoon full out of and ate turned out to be shaving cream
shawna -14


Boobs at First sight


The first day i actuly talked to my boyfriend i was like 11 and we were on a  bike ride  with alot of kids and i was hitting pubrety and i was just getting boobs and i had a lose arm holes and i wasnt wearing a bra that day and well he came up to me talking and then the next thing i hear is "i can see youre boobs". I was so embarrassed
-Missy.may, 17


Getting Frisky

I was over at my girlfriends, just chilling with her in her room. we were attempting to watch a movie but we weren't getting to far into that. instead we were getting more into each other. we had just gotten going really good when her mom came home. as it was, she was grounded and wasn't supposed to have anyone over at the house, especially me. so i hid under her bed for about an hour while her mom came into her room and talked to her about how she wants her to be safe and not have sex until shes absolutely sure that shes ready. the entire time i'm tripping out thinking that shes gonna find me. she finally leaves and as i'm getting out from under the bed, her moms dog comes into the room and sees me under the bed and starts to growl. the dog doesn't like me. so i jump onto the bed and hop out the window real fast and run down the road to my aunts house which is like a mile and half away. the next day, i see her at school and she hands me my boxers telling me that i forgot them on her bed and her mom found them and almost gave them to her brother cause she thought that they were his. i was like, we are not going to do it at your house anymore. so the next week we were at my house, and we had been going for about an hour when my sister comes walking and just starts screaming. i was so fucking embarrassed and so was she.

-J.J., age 17


Wrong Person

Okay so me and my boyfriend went to a concert and there was obviously a junk load of people there and the concert had just ended but a few minutes before my boyfriend left to go get some snacks so i sat there a while and i texted him but got no text back and i was a little worried so i got up and walked to the snack shack and i saw him standing in line still looking at the menus. I walked up behind him and gave him a really nice big hug then turned him around and french kissed him. I opened my eyes to find that it really WASNT my boyfriend!!! it was someone who was just wearing a similar sweatshirt to his.. my eyes got like this O.O and the guy just smiled and kissed me!!! then i heard "WHAT THE FUCK" on the right side of me and turned around to find my boyfriend standing right there and he looked at me so angry and just said "were done" and started walking away. I ran after him and tried to explain everything but he wouldnt listen.. the next day i called him like crazy until he finally picked up then i told him what happened and he believed me. I will never EVER forget that fricken concert.. i was so embarrassed and lets just say ill never try to be "spontaneous" in public places again..

-Rhiley, age 17


Peeping Toms

Well last year me my brother and sister were at home, they were still sleeping, I had just got out of bed and I always sleep in my underwear with a shirt on. I was downstairs watching TV, when all of a sudden the phone rang. I answered it and no one was there.

I sat down again in my chair watching TV, when the phone rang again, again I had gotten up to answer it but NO ONE WAS there. This happened like 6 to 7 times. And then finally I never answered the phone when it had rung. And then I had gotten up to get something to eat in the kitchen and when I returned I looked out the big window in our living room and there were 4 guys from my class hanging on to a cell phone and was staring at me.

And then I had figured out why they were calling me all the time, so they can look at me in my underwear when I got up!!!!! I never slept in my underwear after that.

-Ashley age, ?


Roumors Suck

Ok one night I was talking to my crush and I received a message from a random person asking if I liked Caroline (my crush). I asked her why she asked and she said there was a rumour. She said she wouldn't tell anyone. Then, a few days later, I was walking with my Caroline and my friends and I blushed. After I left, she said, "I think he was blushing." And the worst part was it was the next time I talked to Caroline she told me about it. She didn't even know that I liked her. She knows now and I feel even more shy around her now that she knows.

-Kyle age: 13


Waste of Money

Today me and my boyfriend went to the movies alone on a date. The movie we were watching was supposed to be good but we hardly got to watch the movie since we were so busy making out. Anyway after the movie ended and we were getting up to leave after making out for two hours straight.. we saw my mom sitting in the row behind us having a perfect view of the show if you know what i mean!! she had the "talk" with me AND MY BOYFRIEND!!!! i was so embarrassed!!

-Becka age: 15 



Loser Babe Strikes Again!

I was walking down the hall when these lame guys came up to me and said heyy wanna hang out with us after school. I said no way losers, and my friends laughed. Then after school the lead loser came over to me and kissed me! infront of the whole school. I was mortified!

He asked me out afterwards and I slapped him so he said, what the hell was that for and then after he said that he kissed me... again! so i slapped him. ... again! Then he said, please go out with me please please please and I said no.  I turned around and walked away but! then he came up to me and pulled the back of my bra! and it came un done!!!!!!!!!!! and it was a strappless and fell out from the bottom of my top onto the floor. I ran into the bathroom screaming my head off with the boys running after me with my bra in their hands waving it about saying wait! you forgot your bra!!!! My friend came up and slapped the guy who said that, grabbed my bra and ran into the bathroom to help me.  The rest of my friends were telling the guys off and keeping them out of the bathroom.  After I came out I slapped all of them and from then on I was named the looser babe.

I was so annoyed the day after that happend because images of what happend were all over the school website......

-Jenny age: 14


Trust me not

I told my friend the deepest darkes secret i have... well it used to be a secret. You see i thought i could trust this person and really IM A DUMBASS. i shouldve seen this comming with past experiances.. anyway in class everyone was talking about what theyve done sextually and ofcourse i was sitting next to my friend whom i told the secret to, i wasnt even thinking about it at the time. I was just glad it was off my chest. Then all of the sudden i hear "Allison gave her first blow job yesterday!" it got really quiet.. i looked at my friend who was laughing because to no surprise she was the one who said it... i was so frickin mortified i wanted to just slap her across the face but i didnt want to get in trouble.. that mustve been the worst day of my life..

Allison age: 16


No more moments/stories right now... help us out we need some!how about amusing other people for a change? email ""and get your story on the list! or contact me on myspace

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