NEW! Homework

 Okay it pisses me off that no classes give consideration to the time we want to ourselves and give us SHIT LOADS of work

Caleb, 16

NEW! Love

Every time i find sum1 to luv, they dont luv back. I dont wanna grow old and alone, who wil hold my hand wen i die?

Arianna, 16

NEW! Cleaning

Isnt that what parents are for....?

Chelsey, 14

NEW! Money

Think about it... where it has all been. Think twice before rolling in cash, think of who else rolled in it

Devin, 18

NEW! Exersize

 just give me money for lypo, this shit sucks

K3ndra, 15


I could never clip necklaces the first time EVER!!

Angelica, 16


I just hate waiting for it to come D:

Cheyna, 14 


Fuckin pussy's..

Kent, 16


getting your hopes up about stuff and then it kinda falls apart

Shawna, 14




i think you mean saggy hariy tits?


they dont love you theyre just saying that so they can take what they need and go they dont give a flying fuck about your feelings they could care less theyd rather eat their own shit then listen to you



they giggle and flip their hair and say "like OMG!" literally... the abbriviation of oh my god they actually say that instead!! its so fucking annoying blonde bimbos...

katy, 15 


Theyre stalking me... everywhere i go theres a fucking squirrell its fucking creepy!!!!!!



WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?????? they suck, as you would say, hairy tits

Aaron, 16 


I always have stinky feet and i just noticed its because my socks get sweaty and its gross i know.. but that pisses me off i dont like the fucking smell either!

Terry, 16


I always end up even more dehydrated every time i drink it but it tastes good! graaaaaaawwwhhh >-<*!!! 

Anna, 14

Hannah Montana

That bitch makes me want to kill small cute kittens

Aaron, 16

Any Room?

I HATE when people put their bags in the chair next to them so nobody can sit there its like hey can you move

you shit? id like to sit down instead of stand here the whole class period like a fucking moron.

Isabelle, 16 


Here comes the sun

It pisses me off how its bright outside and i cant see anything >.<!!!! i dont have glasses either GRRR 

Emily, 14


French Fry Disaster       

It Hellllla pisses me off when my brother and i

have to share french fry's cuz he putz a

shit load of salt on them and it makes them taste horrible!

Tiana, 14


Band Geeks

ok so i came to school and i walked into my 1st class "band"

and everything was going well until i got my progress report

card with a big fat F on it just cause i didnt do one damn

assignment its really fucked up i mean come on its only 1... are you

trying to fail me so i have to do summer school!



Pencil burgalary

I HATE when people borrow pencils from me and i NEVER get them back it pisses me off so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch and i started out with like 2 packs of pencils this year and they are all gone!!!! because people say "oh i'll give it back to you later" and i actually fall for it..

kaitieā™„, 15 


World class Suck-up

What pisses ME off is how you hate your girlfriends parents but you still have to be a kiss ass to them so its not WW3

Zach, 14


Fuck Chores

what pisses me off is when parents assign you five or six chores and you do all but one chore and they yell at you for not doing that one chore instead of saying thank you for all the other chores that you did, OR they dont assign you any chores so you dont do any chores so they yell at you for not doing any chores, OOOR they dont assign you any chores yet you do them anyway and they dont even notice

Damien, 16 *Gold star same exact fucking thing happens to me dont worry you'll be out of that shit hole soon.



I have a hangover right now. which pisses me off

RIP, ?


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