Drugs,violence,porn,abuse,prostitutes,alchoholics,rapists,wife;child;animal abusers, and YOU

Now, basically wondering where YOU would come into this.

Have you watched tv lately? seriously now that you think about

it, theres so much violence and sex and drugs on that thing..  

or look outside, see what the girls walking by are wearing?

yea i bet those shorts are nice, that white seethrough top is

even better eh? just remember beneath that, if not now then in

about 5-6 more years, that all hepititis and herpes and

gonorrhea. Or, how bout that magazine under your bed? nice

pictures in there arent there? i bet you could stare at that all day eh? just think now, about 70% of all that pussy youre looking at

is most DEFINATELY already herpes and aids and gonorrhea and

all of that good stuff! just remember that that thing is probably so dirty that chicks crabs, have crabs. Now put that down and stop

squeezing your dick. ANTI WORLD NOW, because right now, the fucking world we live in sucks more than a whore..

Monkey ass hair scum condom sucking fuck faced road whores

Now that we got that out of the way...

This week we shall talker about consumer consumtion.

Dont you think were consuming ALOT more than we fucking need?

Like how about this, the entire world is a big plate of food and we are just 7 billion fat asses waiting to eat that shit up.. what about the ones who dont have the money to buy 50 roll of toilet paper at cosco? they starve to death when we consume more than our daily intake should be, so whats that leave us with? 6 billion fat asses and 1 billion bulimics, how does that make you feel? i bet if you put all the mc donalds meals youve had this year together than you could buy 500 starving people dinner! I'm going to donate right now i dont fucking care what people say im not a pansie ass im just a free fucking thinker who loves to help people less fortunate unless ofcourse theyre dumb fucks who freeload

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